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Default Re: Vick indicted

Poindexter is a complete fool. He refused to execute search warrants and stated several weeks ago he though #7 was being singled out due to his race and fame.

Since I doubt Poindexter only figured out in the last 48 hours this invovved brutal acts of animal cruelty, its appers he now recognizes there is a big downside to looking as if he sat on this case. But according to this Atlanta Journal-Constitutoon story, Poindexter's current "investigation" seems to be pretty sketchy:

A county prosecutor in Virginia said it is "more than likely" that Vick will face local as well as federal charges. Surry County, Va. prosecutor Gerald Poindexter's comment was reported in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper. Poindexter did not indicate to the paper what charges would be filed or what evidence local authorities had in the case.

Poindexter had told the AJC on Monday, the day before Vick was indicted, that he had not received one investigative report in the case

Poindexter, the county prosecutor, has been criticized for moving slowly on a local investigation into the Vick dogfighting allegations, the Virginian-Pilot reported.

Poindexter said he was not sure which crime Vick would be charged with and that any indictment by a local grand jury could be two months away.

"But we're very moved by the idea of animals being executed," he said, according to the paper.

The feds presumably will tell him in no uncertain terms to have a seat in the lobby while they do their jobs.

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