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Default Re: Vick indicted

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Poindexter is a complete fool. He refused to execute search warrants and stated several weeks ago he though #7 was being singled out due to his race and fame.

Since I doubt Poindexter only figured out in the last 48 hours this invovved brutal acts of animal cruelty, its appers he now recognizes there is a big downside to looking as if he sat on this case.

The feds will tell him in no uncertain terms to have a seat in the lobby while they do their jobs.
After it is all said and done. PoinDexter hand is being forced to file some type of charges(like on the killing of the dead dogs found), other wise he is putting his job on the line on such a high profile case by trying not to do anything and most likely he was trying to sweep it under the table at first(Feds have pushed his hand here to do the right thing hopefully).
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