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Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
The problem is that there is way to much symbolism, and very little substance to what is done on the racial front these days... and politics are completely at the core of it.

I have a unique perspective, as I grew up in a very white area. There was one black kid in my grade school and 3 in my highschool. Interestingly, they were all treated very well. This I know, because they were some of the most popular people at school.

However, as I stated in other threads, I have pastored in inner-city black neighborhoods, now pastoring in a predominantly Latino neighborhood, married a Jewish woman (who believes in Jesus), etc. etc.

What I have found is that racism is an untamed extension of every humans xenophobic tenancy. Xenophobia (in its proper understanding, not as a euphemism for racism) is useful, in some places good as it keeps humans safe in circumstances they are not aware of. The fear of others and other cultures often will keep a person quite and observing. However, there are a number of times when Xenophobia back-channels into what could be best described as a "reverse culture shock." This happens when the culture that is surrounding a person is being changed by another race that is coming into the community, changing the dynamic of the community. The original race thus reacts to the changes with fear and strikes out verbally, physically, or harbors much resentment. This phenomenon is seen in the words WOP (W) ith (O) ut (P) apers (or passports). It was a reaction to Italians coming over and bringing a culture with them that was distinctly different the culture in the surrounding community. The same can be same for the Asians, Irish, etc. etc. However, EVERY community deals with these problems. Watc ANY community of ANY race deal with the changing culture of that community as it involves another culture, and you will have the same issues.

In other places, racism is blunt and open. In the United States, the issue of racism and blacks is, HAS TO BE, distinctly different then the issue of racism for any other race, and thus solved differently. The black community was the only community that was literally enslaved for centuries, freed, and then re-enslaved by our government into the social welfare system destroying families... If you don't believe me, ask a single mother what happens if she marries the father of the child.

Now that happens in all races, however, in the U.S., we have tilted the scales. We have created public schools which fail to teach the children, but not given the inner-city children the rights or ability to go to private schools through vouchers if their public schools fail them. Then, We tell them that they are not good enough to compete with other races and add "bonus points" for their color in college entrances... and YES.. that absolutely happens. Then, in college, we have created a whole department for black people to study "African studies." Now while that is nice, it provides for a GREAT MINIMUM WAGE JOB when they graduate. THen, politicians come along again and blame it on these people, those people, history, etc.. and here is a a few more dollars if you keep voting for me. Thus, there goes another generation. It is SO BAD now that in many places, if a black child gets good grades, he gets jumped after school and is told to stop selling out the race. Yes, I know second-hand about this, as I have spoken to people who have seen or participated in it. Why does it happen? Because young childrne are now believing the lies that excelling in education is for white and asian kids, not black kids.

That is why I look at the NAACP, and shake my head. Because they don't have the intestinal fortitude to deal with the real problems at hand, lest they lose some of their own political power. Instead, they attack a word, instead of the institutional prejudices that are behind the word.

Racial tensions will always exist. All it takes is another culture moving into the area. However, what needs to change is the institutionalized lies that are now sold to the black community.

Of course, the organized intelligentsia that is driving the racial discussion now is the same group (Media heads, politicians, university heads, and profs, etc), that was driving Eugenics in its hey-day.

Now that I have thoroughly ticked off 80 percent of the board... I will go back into hiding!

Perhaps one of the best posts ever!!!!...thanks Preacher!
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