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Default Re: The Return of SEGA Football 2K series!!

Al breathed life into the series at first as Summerall was getting downright boring. Madden has been the same game, essentially since 1998. It has basically been roster and graphics updates. No gameplay updates and presentation has taken a step back, actually. Madden 07 was crappy on the 360. NFL 2k5 remains the crowning achievment in terms of modern football games, IMO. The presentation is unmatched. look what they did with the ESPN license in their first year with it compared to EA's, what, 3rd year? You would barely know ESPN had any involvement.

Madden has become stagnent with only wierd new features like superstar mode or what have you. How about just give us more of a TV quality presentation? UTILIZE THE ESPN LICENSE!!!!!

Where is Berman and the NFL Primetime crew??!?!!!

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