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Default Re: Oh, the irony!

Hey preach, you bust me up! "What if I don't want a new perspective?" How many times have you felt that from someone you are trying to converse with?
Hey... I converse with Tony Hip all the time!!

I also hear you on the reformation of the school system. Let's reform our political system while we are at it! Deal?
I believe in miracles... never said I was a miracle worker!!!

There were a few inner-city kids who struggled with authority. They also had issue's back home with friends getting killed, and family communication issue's.
Yep, I know and understand. It is SO tough to reach them.

Intellect was not the issue, they did have to meet high standards to even enroll at a UC school, scholarship or not. The UC system is very strict with their student-athlete standards. Those are the things that made it tougher for them to maintain grades.
I agree... Intellect never is the issue, it is the information that is given to the intellect to process. My argument is that the information is skewed or not available because of bad teaching, etc. THen, they are taugh that the problem is not that they are missing info, but that it is something else, maybe even not as smart. That is what burns me up about all of this.

To help the situation, one family actually moved to a better neighborhood. Now that's sacrifice, and one they could barely afford! I do know that the athlete was sending some of his scholarship money home just to help his brothers and sisters. The parents would not have any of that, so it was all incognito. Well, that young man just had a try-out for the Atlanta Hawks. Not sure he will make it, but that usually opens the door to Europe, and a healthy contract and life experience.
That is what I kind of surmised when discussing the difference between the kids you worked with and the ones I was thinking about. The kids you worked with... will jump on every opportunity given to better themselves. I just hope and want it to be available for them to do that, instead of them being kept down by institutional bias from those who are claiming to care... Like the NAACP.

You are correct about the level of dedication these athletes possessed coming in. I could see the lack of possibilities without basketball in their lives.
I am right on something? Dang, that doesn't happen too often..... I am married!!

Nice to hear about the diversity in your church! By the way, I'm Mexican-American, my wife is Jewish.
Very Very Interesting!!!

Funny thing is, our church doesn't look or see it as diversity. Simply as being one body in Christ.
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