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Default Re: Mamaduck had migrated.....

Originally Posted by Mamaduck43 View Post
I have been living in Hawaii for 25+ years, but I am in the process of moving to Colorado Springs..... I will be looking for a good Steeler bar in the area - - I am living in the Skyway area in the SW part of town......

Any help will be appreciated.....

I already have tickets for the Steelers Bronco game in October, and can't wait!!!!! I have some long time friends in this area who will be rooting for the wrong team and the Smacktalk has already begun...... It is fun!!!!
Poor man - I've heard even the mall has Broncos flags on their light posts. "We're not in Steelers Country anymore...."

Although I can't go against the Broncos too much; my uncle coaches their TEs.
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