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Default Re: U.S. pledges funds to fight Central America gangs

sorry for the skeptical answer steelersmongol, but from just readin what you posted it sounds like were gonna hand over $4,000,000 to who could or could not be some crooked politicians to pay several people for a year or two to have a cozy office and sit around and bullshit and hypothesize about how they can spend even more US dollars to try and cure a problem.

the money will go to nothing more than an overpriced brainstorm session at the least, that is more of a vacation to those involved as opposed to actual work.

sounds like bullshit pork to me. i thought the whole "war on drugs" in the early 90's was supposed to take care of this.

that silly game of whack a mole created a meth epidemic which in turn helped lower the prices of crack.
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