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Default Re: To tuck or not to tuck...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Well, I gotta chime in. I have to "dress for success" in my job, and it's sometimes important that I know exactly what is what. I hate to admit it, but I pay attention to things like the GQ Style Guy, and this is what he had to say on the matter in a recent column:

Q: Please settle a debate among friends. Two of my buddies tuck their undershirts into their underwear because they contend that when they don?t, their dress shirts easily become untucked. Besides the fact that it?s incredibly dorky and unstylish, I have never had a problem with shirts untucking. Even if I did, I would never stoop that low. What if they meet a nice lady, and things happen, and she gets down to the goods, and the guy?s undershirt is tucked into his drawers? That seems to be a surefire way to lose a girl?s interest.

A: I find in your favor, sir! Tucking the undershirt into the drawers is the quintessence of dorkiness. Some men do have a big recurring shirttail problem, and usually it is caused by (a) their trousers being too low in the rise or (b) their stomachs being too big for their britches. Some men obsess over this and go so far as to buy a paramilitary product known as shirt garters. Wearing shirt garters is beyond dorkiness?it?s totally highway-patrol anal.

GQ is WAY to metrosexual for me!

And, how in the hell can it be considered "unstylish"???? No one sees it! It's underwear!!!!

And, to quote my wife: "If I worried that much about you tucking your undershirt into your pants then I would have come across as way to high maintenance for you and we would have probably never gotten married in the first place."

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