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Default Re: Yeah yeah I know it's PFT

The only potential flaw in Tomlin's approach is the reality of the salary cap. If/when, for example, safety Troy Polamalu secures a long-term deal with guaranteed money north of $10 million, can Tomlin truly put the Tasmanian Devil to No. 2 on the depth chart if he has a bad camp and/or preseason? Or what if a guy like Hines Wards gets benched and becomes a locker-room problem? Does Tomlin cut him without regard to potential cap consequences?
"potential flaw"????? thats about the stupidest thing ive heard in regards to tomlin other than "he was only hired because hes black".

signing troy is a flaw because tomlin may have to bench him???

dont 31 other coaches have the same potential flaw of dealing with the cap? what was looking to be a good article was quickly pissed into the wind by an ignorant statement.

but it is good to see so many outsiders high on tomlin and his potential.
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