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Default Re: Ben's a jackass...

When the Nike rep said he didn't have another box to give him right then and there Thursday morning, Roethlisberger pouted.
"Just get me another box. I can get them," he said. "Don't make me go all the way to the top."
I don't know... Sure isn't the worst thing in the world. And kinda funny how the author made sure we knew he signed a 7 million dollars signing bonus.

He probably did it. It probably wasn't a joke., it is time for Ben to grow up.

But if THAT is the biggest problem we have with him this offseason and training camp...

I say thank goodness. I know a LOT of people who DON'T make 7 million a year that would try to pull the same stuff for a 50 cent candy bar.

Doesn't make it right in the least... but it does show it isn't just about the money.
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