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Default Re: Ben's a jackass...

Originally Posted by TackleMeBen View Post
now he knows that primadonnas arent suppost be signing

and secondly, i want to know how he signed his name on the golf balls.. they are little

but all this is mute, compared to the fact that he doesnt like matt leinhart (which scores brownie points with me.)
In his podcast on (which actually is pretty entertaining) Simmons was laughing while trying to decide with Jimmy Kimmel whether it was Ben & Leinart who had to be seated apart or Leinart & Peyton Manning (Simmons conceded that although as a Pats fan he despises the Colts that Manning treats everyone well). Apparently pro athlete feuds are like movie starlet/mean girls feuds.

FWIW Kimmel & Simmons agreed everyone apparently can't stand Leinart.
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