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Default Re: 2 a days?

According to Ed.B. from the P-G, this isn't exactly Bear Bryant and "The Junction Boys" or, for that matter, Tom Coughlin and the Giants

Not only did he relieve more than half the team from going through a run test yesterday, he stopped it short for the 35 players who did run it.

Tomlin revealed yesterday that those players who completed 44 of the 50 offseason workout sessions were absolved from running yesterday. The others were to run 110-yard jobs 16 times on the newly named Chuck Noll Field.

When Tomlin came up with the idea to give 51 players off if they had a good attendance record in the spring is unknown, but he did not spring it on his players until it was too late for many to make up lost time.

"We wanted to reward those guys for being in town and being part of a voluntary program this offseason," Tomlin said. "If they were here working out, we knew what kind of shape they were in."

The alleged "two a days" apparently involve a lot of special teams work in the morning session - hard to argue that emphasis is misplaced.
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