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Default Re: Ben's a jackass...

i've heard rumors for a few years about ben not tipping well, and walking out on large bill at restaurants in pittsburgh. maybe true? could be. is that as bad as dog fighting or dui or some of the other stuff athletes do? NO WAY.

do you think it's possible that babe ruth would have walked out on a dinner bill or two? likely.

i was at a "gathering" recently where an unnamed veteran steeler was talking to me and another guy, and the other guy said he had been hearing rumor ben was a jerk. well, the (unnamed) steeler just said, well, "he's not really a friend, say what you want"

now this is a respected player, and i don't think he meant anything, but i did note he didn't quickly defend ben.

Hey , i was 25 once, and i was an ******* sometimes, and i didn't have any reason to be ****y, i just was. so what, he's young and should be allowed to have indiscretions, they do little harm.
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