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Default Re: Ben's a jackass...

What people seem to forget is that these athletes are HUMAN BEINGS first and foremost, with flaws just like everyone else. Far too many people put these guys on pedestals, and then act shocked when they exhibit normal, human behavior. Anybody here who has been paying attention for more than 5 seconds when they've been around your average 25 year old knows that, for the most part, they are not the most mature people in the world. It's not like he pulled a Pacman Jones or Joey Porter or (insert criminal thug Bengal here). So to me, it's a non-issue. Besides, I just heard from someone last Saturday that Ben was very accommodating and good with the kids at a function he was invited to last year that his organization (forget which organization it was) hosted. He took pictures with people, allowed the kids to take pictures with his SB ring on, etc. But of course, you never hear about stuff like that anywhere else.
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