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Default Re: Tough, full-pads first practice gets team's attention in a hurry

Originally Posted by wedosesteelers2006 View Post
Tomlin wants to push them like this to show just how tough HE can be, just might bite him in the but if he is Not careful.
i dont see it this way at all wedose. tomlin is not ego trippin. hes pushing the players to show them how tough THEY can be. sure he can lighten up, and the whole team can get out of extra work in january as they sit and watch all the teams who outworked them in the playoffs. i do know great players like jerry rice and walter payton would never complain about the camp tomlin is running. they will tell you they were the best because they outworked everybody else. tomlin wants to be the best. a writer who watched camp already debunked the idea that tomlin is tom caughlin like. im not worried about and giants like dissention. i still believe these players wanna get back to the superbowl.
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