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Default Re: U.S. pledges funds to fight Central America gangs

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
That's kind of the point, though. In order for the rest of the World to appreciate our role, they need "the whip". They need to see what a truly stabilizing force this Country is, in spite of past blunders. I realize this would ultimately complicate things for us in the short haul, but we'd be rewarded with a lot more international cooperation after the year of turmoil was over.
Actually I was replying to Stltruck! Your a hundred percent right.

Stltruck... You and I both know what will happen if that money comes back to the states... It will end up in the politicians pockets... both dem and repub.

SO sad.

I used to REALLY believe in my party... and trusted the other one.

Now I neither believer nor trust in either.
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