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Default Re: Tips for Home Theater cables...why are they so expensive???

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
Waste of money IMO. I have never been "wowed" by Bose. At least not enough to make up for the outrageous prices. If you are looking for a decent system. I think Yamaha makes great mid range AV recievers. For speakers, Boston Accoustics or an online manufacturer, SVS, makes great stuff. Boston Acc. is a little pricey but SVS has a surround speaker system + subwoofer that is a great deal at $999.

Dang... I agree again.

I bought a Cambridge soundworks system... 1000 for the 5.1 speaker system, and a decent sony receiver. That was in 1999. It is still in use... and put out unbelievable sound. the sub is only a 8 inch as well.

Remember, it isn't speaker size that counts... it is clarity, responsiveness, etc.

I just bought a LCD HDTV... had a rear projection TV before.

I love the LCD HDTV. I can't wait for Direct Satellite to up the ante on HD channels this fall.


Is it worth upgrading to a 6.1 or 7.1 system yet? I haven't seen to many DVD's that are formatted for that. I understand that 6.1 is simply a back center speaker... would I be wrong in thinking the back center speaker could be a step or two down in quality from the front center without it diminishing the quality of the actual sound? It just has to equal the quality of the other back speakers right?

Also... what is your thoughts on Blu-ray? Again, I haven't seen too much formatted for that. I am trying to convince my wife that we need blu-ray, and then buy the Sony Playstation 3 to get Blu-ray!

So far, it isn't working.
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