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Default Re: Tips for Home Theater cables...why are they so expensive???

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Is it worth upgrading to a 6.1 or 7.1 system yet? I haven't seen to many DVD's that are formatted for that. I understand that 6.1 is simply a back center speaker... would I be wrong in thinking the back center speaker could be a step or two down in quality from the front center without it diminishing the quality of the actual sound? It just has to equal the quality of the other back speakers right?
The rear speaker(s) are for discreet sound. Like during a movie and there were footsteps behind you it would sound like someone walking up behind you.

Theres 6.1 dvd's out there, I haven't seen any 7.1 yet, unless they're only in hd. I don't have a hd dvd player yet. I think 6.1 would be about like 7.1 except with one more speaker.

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