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Default Re: Tips for Home Theater cables...why are they so expensive???

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
The rear speaker(s) are for discreet sound. Like during a movie and there were footsteps behind you it would sound like someone walking up behind you.

Theres 6.1 dvd's out there, I haven't seen any 7.1 yet, unless they're only in hd. I don't have a hd dvd player yet. I think 6.1 would be about like 7.1 except with one more speaker.
What I am wondering is how does the center rear work... as a reflection of the center... or in tandem with the rear speakers. If it is a reflection of the center... something flies at your head from straight on... and it goes directly to the back center speaker... you will need a strong back speaker if your center speaker is upgraded (Some, including me, usually by an upgraded center speaker over the others for more crispness in regular dialog. Its not optimal... but I don't have the money to get optimal for what I want).

If it works in tandem with the back speakers... then it needs to be the same quality...

If it is a true seperate speaker... an entire different channel which will have noise sources all its own... then which way do we go... stronger because it is center back.. or balanced because it is part of the back speakers?

I remember reading that if a 5.1 is played on a 6.1, it simply takes the signal to the rear left and right speaker, and puts it in the center rear as well...


Enlighten me please!
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