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Default Re: Tips for Home Theater cables...why are they so expensive???

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
The rear should be on a separate channel than the others. The sound if its a plane flying from front to rear the sound should follow from front to rear, so it should sound like it passed right over you.
Center, fronts, sides and rear are on separate channels. So the rear should not have the voices like the center to focus on the main dialog and the tv.

Here's a place to go check out. They explain it better than I can.
I understand that...

What I was wondering... was if if you would hear a faint part of the conversation ITSELF in the rear main, so that you felt like you were in close... or if it would ONLY be fronts still... that is what I meant by mirrored. Will it provide only the background and passing sounds... or give a slight feed of the front channel to make you feel "Closer to teh action"?

Can you tell I am an audiophile?
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