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Default Re: RUMOR:Big Ten Possibly Considering Expansion

I would welcome Pitt into the Big 10...though I'd have to stop rooting for them due to my fierce allegience to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

It would finally give Penn State that inter-conference true rival like Michigan-Ohio State.Yeah Penn State is inter-conferance rivals with the Buckeyes,Wolverines,and the other schools...but they don't have that marquee rivalry.

Penn State-Pitt is a fierce rivalry that has a lot of history...however would Pitt want to give up that inter-conferance rivalry in the Big East that they have with West Virginia?Not to mention Pitt would be battling with conference powerhouse programs such as: Ohio State,Penn State,Michigan,Wisconsin,and Iowa.In the Big East they have Rutgers and West Virginia as thier only true challengers to the Big East Championship.

The team I would love to see join the Big 10 is Notre Dame.All that money that would come into the conferance,that nationwide fanbase.Hell,they already play a large portion of thier schedule against Big 10 schools.

However,the ideal situation,IMHO,would be to remove a school from the Big 10.Take it back down to 10 teams so you face every team in the conference,this way there is always an outright champion.

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