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Default Re: Observation from Training Camp

Originally Posted by Buzz05 View Post
Well now. I havnt been able to make the treck to Latrobe this year with various things going on. Although one very good friend of mine was there yesterday. And I was talking to him about it. He had some good things to say:

-Ben is looking very sharp
-The WR's are looking good
-The Defense is looking like they want to knock someone out
-Tomlin take no crap from anybody and they players know who is in charge

I asked him about the rookies and he said he didnt get to see Timmons but he did say Woodley looks like a beast out there and Sepulvada looks good as well. He also said he can tell a change in attitude this year as opposed to last year. He said this year it looks like they are hungry again. Which can only be a good thing!

All and all he said they team looks great and Tomlin looks like he has run camps in the past. He is sharp and in charg

I just wanted to let everyone know what I heard and hope the info is pleasing
Thanks for sharing....

I think the attitude that Willie Colon and Anthony Smith have is going to be huge for this year.......Colon has that pit bull mentality that will make the OLine nasty again.......Especially with the soft and teddy bear Max Starks out of there....

With Smith he will place fear into WR's this year.....especially his own team mates............I know Chris Hope could hit and Clark can hit...But Smith is a big time hitter and I think WR's across the NFL might start to have that in the back of their mind when they have to face Smith......
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