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Default Re: A friend needs your prayers

steelshooter and to all others thanks a million to ya and God Bless.
I hate that I havent been in here earlier to read these nice threads, so my appologies go out to all. SteelShooter... I pray for your little sis that all will work unto God's will and he will help comfort the pain that she must be going through. It seems as so God made the woman to be the backbone of the world and give her toughness that no man will ever know to have children and put up with us men at times. Little sisters are so special and now that I have a daughter.. only a father knows the feelings of having a little daughter looking up at him when getting home from work with that little smile and hands reaching for him. I love all you new friends that I have made here and I hope that all is healthy and loving your family the way you should be. Gods' Love
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