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Default Re: Still doing a heckuva job?

I read Pitts every time I see him published. It's too bad he has a one dimensional perspective, which is pretty much "the race card".

He would have an argument if the FEMA trailers were purposely contaminated prior to being dispatched to New Orleans, but they, of course, were not. If a tornado would have displaced 100,000 white people in Kansas 10 days earlier, those same trailers would have been dispatched, and the residents would have moved in, smelled a bad smell, cleaned the trailers themselves and solved the problem themselves. It's sad that it comes to this, but it's true.

Wait, who's playing the race card? I read that column twice to be sure, and you're the only one who mentioned race. And if you read him every time, you'd know that his perspective is anything but one dimensional. One example--during the Imus controversy, he tore into gangsta rappers instead of piling on the I-man.

As far as this article is concerned, if your trailer's contaminated with formaldehide, it's not as simple as cleaning the trailer. You'd have to literally rip the trailer apart to get rid of it which case we'd be hearing crap about how "THOSE PEOPLE" tore the trailers apart.
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