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Default Re: Still doing a heckuva job?

what is nnot mentioned... is how screwed up Louisianna politics are.. how corrupt it is.

Alabama was hit by the same hurricane... I have people I know that talked about their entire towns being destroyed. However, they are not having the problems now. Why? COuld it be the local and state issues, instead of.. or on top of FEMA?

Why is Florida, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, etc. able to clean up, and Louisiana is not? I am not even talking about N.O. itself. But even worse, N.O. was hit once. SOme parts of Florida have been hit two, three times with devastating hurricanes.

So what is the difference? and please... no one sink to the level of "Jeb Bush was governor".

And no.. it is not a black/white issue, because there is both black and white in every other state mentioned.
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