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Default Re: Winning the war....

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
Things are bad, for sure, but the media is biased. And too involved, in my opinion. Imagine what they would have video of if that were not so tightly controled during WW2?

I use the phrase "win" to mean the best possible outcome compared to the objectives going in. Creating a stable country in the region, a democracy at that. It may be too much to ask of at this point but, hey, it's better then keeping that part of the world as is. It is a religious, fundamentalist hornet's nest.

hey man, i totally understand the point you're making. i sincerely hope you don't think i'm trying to trivialize the problems in that region.

the fact is, we weren't going to iraq to establish democracy. we were going there because the threat of WMD's. we were told they could come to us in a "form of a mushroom cloud".

there are so many accounts of experts in that region explaining the complexities of the kurds, sunnis, shiites... but what's the point in that... the american people were never asked if they thought establishing democracy in iraq was worth an invasion.
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