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Default Re: Winning the war....

Originally Posted by j-dawg View Post
hey man, i totally understand the point you're making. i sincerely hope you don't think i'm trying to trivialize the problems in that region.

the fact is, we weren't going to iraq to establish democracy. we were going there because the threat of WMD's. we were told they could come to us in a "form of a mushroom cloud".

there are so many accounts of experts in that region explaining the complexities of the kurds, sunnis, shiites... but what's the point in that... the american people were never asked if they thought establishing democracy in iraq was worth an invasion.
Oh, I totally agree that we went under false pretenses and that is Bush's fault, for sure. He has mishandled things mightily. But his incompetence aside, there is still a fight there regardless. I only hope for the best possible outcome for us and the world. And, let's face it, Islamic fundamentalism is the main plight in the world today. And, its capital is the Middle East. Whether we went to Iraq or not, we still would fall victim to muslim extremists.

I always wondered why they don't just break up Iraq into three separate countries instead of forcing it to stay as is. I mean, Iraq as a country is only about 100 years old.

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