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Default Re: Winning the war....

Here is what I don't understand.

Since when has intelligence estimates become FACT? They NEVER are. I remember the UN speech, the other speeches, NEVER did the president, or anyone else say WE SAW WMD THE OTHER DAY. They say, "Here is the evidence, we believe it is conclusive."

They were wrong.

That is not false pretense, that is not lying... that is bad intelligence. Get a grip.

Yet, we still must make decisions based on the intelligence at hand. NO ONE... in ANY NATION... argued that they did NOT have WMD.

So the "No WMD" argument is a moot point. All western intelligence agencies beleived they had it... ALL western intelligence agencies, in hindsight were wrong...


Um.. Seems to me that there were three nations that were hindering the UN debate on the war. 1. Russia, 2, France, 3 Germany.

Soon thereafter, a scandal broke out, about Iraq selling oil for food, and putting the money to things other then food. Lots of payouts were given as well... What three nations were involved?

1. Russia 2. France 3. Germany. Also, The UN. Sec. General's son, and possible even him.

This was no war for oil, it was a NON-war for oil. Since the war began, money, food, etc. has poured into the nation.

The ONLY war for oil in the gulf in the last 20 years was Iraq going into Kuwait, and then prepositioning for a jump into Saudi Arabia.

Kinda funny, in both wars... we STOPPED countries from illegally getting oil, or money from oil. So sad that is lost on so many.

And yes, there is a WIN in Iraq. When Iraq has a government that is able to stand on its own, able to pass authority through elections to another leader, and protect its people.

Oh yeah... and when we are able to use Iraq as a staging ground to face of Iran. Cause we WILL face them some day. The question is, do we fight them on thier ground, or ours. Because it IS coming.
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