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Default Ummm... Whose bed is this?

Here's a fun game that has a good story and a good cause attached.

I was just reminded today of a humorous story from last year at Saint Vincent College (where I am a student and resident) and I thought I would take an opportunity to tell the tale and generate a little cash for SF.

Last year, about a week into the semester, my roommates and I in Rooney Hall were drinking a few... a lot... of beers.

After the beer was gone, and I was intoxicated, a friend of mine, who lived across the hall and had stopped in, asked me if I wanted any of the rum her and her friends had been consuming throughout the night.

My better judgment would normally say no, but I, temporarily at a loss for said judgment, agreed.

A belly full of beer and countless shots of Captain later, I was, according to eyewitness accounts, wrecked. I woke the next morning drooling on a pillow that did not look familiar with my shirt somewhere in an alternate galaxy.

I had apparently passed out on her bed sometime during the shenanigans, but would like to state for the record she slept in my bed across the hall. She is just my friend and I would never condone sharing a bed with a woman who wasn't my wife

FIRST, I would like to say that drinking as much as I did was VERY irresponsible and it is VERY important to know your limits for any of those who are approaching legal drinking age.

Now to the game.

She had worked at Training Camp and knew which Steelers had stayed in her room before us students moved in. She even knew whose bed she was now sleeping in.

So the question is Which Steelers' bed did I pass out on?

To make amends for my behavior I will donate some cash to SteelersFever in the name of whoever guesses correctly first.

This means that some of you who do not have the money to donate to the forum you all love so much can earn yourself a "Supporter" tag and all the perks that come with being an SF supporter. Not to mention you can help keep the greatest Black and Gold forum running with a donation. All you have to do is guess a name.

Of course, anyone can guess. I was hoping, though, that we could let some of the guys who haven't donated yet take a swing first to earn the perks.

Please remember that this was training camp so the guy may or may not have been a member of the roster last season.

If we could limit this to one guess a member I think we would all appreciate it.

Have fun.... but not too much fun.

P.S. This is also according to her. I have no way of really knowing if its true, but I'll take her word for it and why not, SF gets some cash.
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