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Default Re: Winning the war....

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
I have to disagree... WWII lasted 3 years and 9 months... but we are STILL in Germany. The rebuild lasted for YEARS. furthermore there were attacks on American troops, etc.

We are still at war in N. Korea. There is NO peace, only a cease-fire that has lasted. it just takes one mistake...and that entire thing will STILL erupt in war. When you look at the number of troops we have lost compared to the amount of time we have been Iraq, we have come through strong. Yes, I mourn every single loss. But historically, I am not worried about the time spent there. I am more worried about the time NOT spent finishing the task.
The point I was attempting to make through the reference to the President trick or treating as a fighter pilot and then standing in front of the "mission accomplished" banner is that you cannot tell the American public on the one hand that the way to fight the war on terror is to get out there and shop & claiming our goals in Iraq were "accomplished" in a matter of months while then expecting the same public to support a constantly shifting timeline and set of metrics for when "success" will be achieved in Iraq. In contrast, Truman, Eisenhower, and JFK did not claim the struggle with the Soviets was going to be a quick walk in the park.

W, Cheney & Rumsfeld attempted to fight the war on the cheap by not following the Powell Doctrine of applying overwhelming force at the outset. The Administration now lacks the credibility to make the case for any progress that may have been achieved.

But since the Iraqi Parliament was comfortable enough to knock off for August without passing any of the legislation that was to be part of measuring the progress that supposedly is being made I guess things are even better than they appear.
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