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Default Re: Still doing a heckuva job?

A) Pitts wouldn't have written this article if it was about white people. If you read Pitts, you'd know this. It's widely understood that the preponderance of displaced residents from NO were black.
B) FEMA gave these same trailers to it's own workers as well as volunteers who came in from around the country.
C) FEMA ran tests on many more than just 1 trailer
D) There were over 110,000 trailers deployed, and complaints on less then 200 of them, and 58 of those were replaced.
E) There is no conspiracy here, just typical government bureaucracy.

The bottom line is that US cultivates, propagates and perpetuates a sense of entitlement amongst it's poor which leads to a culture of dependency. It's our own fault that people who are assigned no responsibility don't know how to accept responsibility, but it is interesting that those who address the real problem are always the one's who are branded as racist. Pretty much seems like an endless loop that can never be broken to me.
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