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Default Re: Still doing a heckuva job?

I've been worried about my response since I first posted it, and I want to clarify. I think it's important.

Yes, I am racist and prejudiced.

I am racist because when I look at people from other races I recognize they are different from me because they aren't of my race. It's almost impossible to think that their race is exactly the same as mine, so I recognize that they are probably different than me. I recognize the differences between races, therefore I am a racist (in the strictest sense). There are further labels that apply, but they all stem from the FACT that every single person on this Earth also recognizes what I just stated in one fashion or another.

I am also prejudiced because I make judgments on things I lack complete knowledge of all day every day. If I see a shabby looking white dude with tattered clothes walking my way in downtown, I assume he's going to ask me for money. If I see a car with tinted windows, 22" spinners and rap music playing from it, I assume it is young kids (I no longer guess if they are white or black...I guess that's progress, right?). If I see a skimpy dressed woman in certain parts of Cleveland just hanging around, I assume she's a prostitute.

This political correctness is disturbing. It asks us as humans, the top of the food chain, the most evolved beings on this planet, to ignore all the same instincts that brought us to prominence in the first place. It's an impossible impasse, and I refuse to play along anymore.
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