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Default Re: Still doing a heckuva job?

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
A) Pitts wouldn't have written this article if it was about white people. If you read Pitts, you'd know this. It's widely understood that the preponderance of displaced residents from NO were black.
I do read Pitts occasionally, and he's no Al Sharpton. While he did make a reference to Orleans where more of the displaced people are black, the same FEMA trailers are in majority white areas like St. Bernard Parish and the Mississippi Coast.

I am also prejudiced because I make judgments on things I lack complete knowledge of all day every day. If I see a shabby looking white dude with tattered clothes walking my way in downtown, I assume he's going to ask me for money. If I see a car with tinted windows, 22" spinners and rap music playing from it, I assume it is young kids (I no longer guess if they are white or black...I guess that's progress, right?). If I see a skimpy dressed woman in certain parts of Cleveland just hanging around, I assume she's a prostitute.
Nothing wrong with that at's not being prejudiced to make assumptions based on the way peple choose to present themselves in public.
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