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Default Re: Iron City Hangover

Originally Posted by Iron City Hangover
Alright! My very own thread. No, I'm not a fraud or a twisted portion of your imagination. I'm quite real and will be here until you decide to ban me because I have a different opinion other than yours.

Someone took my smack personally and wanted to shame me in front of everyone as a part of their conquest of hating on others. It's cool. They didn't like the fact that I pointed out their mediocre school in comparison to mine since we're in the same conference. Blame my Philadephia residency, hate on my selection of teams. It's of no consequence to me. You got upset not me. I've promised to be nice now.

Yes, I'm an original OAKLAND RAIDERS fan, not the LA goofs or the fallacy that they have now. Jack Tatum owned everyone. Even your Frenchie. Everybody remembers Franco's luck but nobody ever mentions the hurt Jack put on poor Frenchie to initiate the pain.

Continue on.
That's it? THAT'S your response? You try to roll this back up on me?

You talked lame "Hometown smack", not me. I talked about the fans of Philly, not the city itself (Not that there's a whole ton of great things to say anyway). You're the dumbass who ragged on Akron and bragged on BGSU as if it were some elite school and not the mediocre mid-tier state university that it actually is. You were the one that twisted posts to lower things to a personal level where you are obviously most comfortable, since personal attacks are clearly your forte (although all your smack still sounds contrived and rehearsed).

YOU are the bandwagon whore who has changed your team alliegance at least once, if not myriad times...why does it bother you so that the Steelers fanbase is largely comprised of the antithesis of fairweather fans like you? Do you have something against loyalty?

I don't "hate" you. I don't even know you...I do know your type, though. Nobody pitched any hate around but you. Where were you a week ago? You stormed in here, and within 1 post you bashed the Steelers, and within 5-10 you were bashing the fans, then you went personal. You were quickly exposed. "Shame" you? Nobody needs to shame did that yourself...
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