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Default Re: Still doing a heckuva job?


No judgements on you here. Say what you believe. You made some good points and (what I thought were) some questionable ones, but they were all well thought out and expressed.

This is the essence of debate, when you got challenged on some of them you were asked to clarify and defend, and you did so. Good show! It doesn't mean I agree with everything you said, but you made me think, and I agree with some of it (mostly regarding Pitts' bias, which I happen to share; it's hard to step back sometimes). I think that Godfather made a strong point that unless we've actually seen the magnitude of the devastation we are only supposing. I think that the fact that the hurricane hit those people who are the least capable of dealing with it (physically, emotionally, economically, and yes, culturally) is one of the greatest tragedies of the situation.

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