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Default Re: How important is this game?

After last week's loss, there is no way to minimize the importance of tomorrow's Cincy game. Lose tomorrow and we are left playing for the wildcard.

Although the Steelers' home playoff record is known to everyone, winning 3 road games as a wildcard (starting with a first round game at New England if Denver & Indy get the byes?) to make it to the Super Bowl is not likely.

Given my guess the AFC West teams will chew each other up, 11-5 should make a wildcard (even though the Steelers lose the tiebreaker to Jax courtesy of Maddox).
Going 8-2 the rest of the way if the Steelers lose tomorrow is certainly doable, given that the only two good teams left on the schedule are the Colts on the road and the Bengals rematch at Heinz Field.
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