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Default Re: Comcast vs DirectTV vs. Dishnetwork

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
Here is my take on this. I have had Comcast, Charter Cable and currently DirecTV.

If you don't have High Def, then I don't think it matters much?go for the cheapest package that has the channels you want. If you have High Def, then you have all types of other problems to consider. The number 1 issue is HDLite (see This is most apparent from the satellite companies, Dish Network especially. Because the HD channels take up so much more bandwidth then regular, these companies have gotten away with compressing or shrinking the resolution so that you are technically lower then High Def. Cable companies can do this but I don't think any do other then Time Warner. They are more guilty of compression (Charter).

First off, support. It sucks across the board for all cable and satellite companies.
So, assuming you have a High Def television, here are my pros and cons for each:

DirecTV (and Dish):

-more channels for cheaper
-NFL Sunday Ticket
-better overall picture
-more HD channels
-Post install support friendly and helpful if you know the right number to call

-HD Lite on some HD channels
-Installation setup and support is atrocious (missed appointments, no call backs, etc)
-Dish is unsightly (HD dish is huge)
-No On Demand service!
-No direct Internet offering

Charter Cable (Michigan):

-On Demand service is decent
-Support is ok
-5mb Cable Internet service

-TV picture highly compressed (looks terrible in HD)
-No NFL Network

Comcast (Michigan and Pittsburgh)

-Great HD picture (little or no compression)
-pricing ok if you get a deal and combine with Internet
-On Demand service is fantastic

-Support is lousy
-Limited HD channel bandwidth
-not available in all areas all depends on where you are.

I can only get Charter Cable where I live because of the monopolistic cable laws. So, I think DirecTV is the obvious choice for NFL fans and the HD picture is better.

The AVS forum is a great source of info on services in your area and quality.

Yep right now Direct has some HD lite, But they launched a new sat. last month and launching another in Dec. The new sat. thats up right now is in the final testing and should be good to go in sept. where all the new hd channels will be so there will no longer be a bandwidth issue. They will be switching to MPEG-4.

MPEG-4 is a newer encoding used currently on local HD channels & for the future HD channels.
It doesn't have anything to do with other channels.
The "goal" is to not have to compress the signal as they are doing now.

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