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Default Re: Comcast vs DirectTV vs. Dishnetwork

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
You are correct. By 2008, all providers must be sending digital signals. This will only affect people that:

A) Do not have a digital cable box


B) Do not have a digital tuner built into their TV

What this means, is you will either have to upgrade your basic cable and get their box or buy a TV with a digital tuner.

They are pushing for more HD broadcasts but the cost of the equipment and upgrades will make it unrealistic to set such an early date for total conversion.
This is what I found about that.

Starting Feb. 18, 2009

(Part of the article)

In short, only those who continue to rely solely on over-the-air broadcast stations should have to make adjustments. Short of buying a new digital-ready television, they can opt for a digital-to-analog converter box, which manufacturers estimate will cost about $50 by 2009.

The approved Senate package would dispense up to $1.5 billion in government subsidies to households, which may request up to two $40 vouchers to use toward purchasing set-top boxes.

That I'll belive when I see it ^^

Your receivers should have come with the B Band Converters if you have the newer ones. hr-20 or h-20.

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