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I am going to my first Steelers game ever on October 7th (week 5) when we play the Seahawks. I didn't think that I would be able to experience a live game until I was out of college for various reasons, but when a friend (season ticket holder) told me that my birthday present this year was going to a Steeler game I went nuts. My excitement for October 7th is so much that it cannot be expressed through any worldly communication. I would gladly sacrifice the weeks and months of my life in between now and then if that day could be tomorrow. The plan is too get dropped of in station square, eat at the hard rock and take the fiery over to the stadium. I am telling my friend every time I talk to him how hyper I am going be when we are there. We better win even more now not just for the fact that it's the whining Seahawks, but because I am going to be in the crowd. I could talk for hours in this post without getting bored about the bursting energy inside me anytime I even begin to think about it, but, I think you get the idea. CAN'T WAIT!!!!
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