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Default Re: Comcast vs DirectTV vs. Dishnetwork

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
Reminds me of a quote from a patent official During the 1890's who said something like "I don't see how we can invent anything else?everything man can think of has been invented already."
Before radio, cars, planes, computers, TV, etc??LOL!

But, seriously, in regards to television, the High Def resolutions have been the first major update to television technology since the advent of color in the 50's. So, I find it will be a long time coming before they agree on another standard. It will take years for the 1080p standard to be commonplace.

What I do think will continue to change is the avenues for programming to get to us?i.e. the televisions, service providers, bandwidth and other infrastructure that passes signals.
The past 110 years have been the most technologically inspired period in human history.
Absolutely... but I also think the WAY which the picture is presented will be unreal... that is, LCD, CRT, Etc.ETc... So much is coming down the pike... We will look back to the turn of this century and just be amazed that we lived so simply!
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