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Default Re: Comcast vs DirectTV vs. Dishnetwork

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Yep right now Direct has some HD lite, But they launched a new sat. last month and launching another in Dec. The new sat. thats up right now is in the final testing and should be good to go in sept. where all the new hd channels will be so there will no longer be a bandwidth issue. They will be switching to MPEG-4.

MPEG-4 is a newer encoding used currently on local HD channels & for the future HD channels.
It doesn't have anything to do with other channels.
The "goal" is to not have to compress the signal as they are doing now.
I have DirecTV becuase of Sunday ticket but HD Lite is an issue and I do not know if the new satellites will fix it, since DirecTV has decided it will add HD of crap like the Food Channel rather than increase the bandwidth for sports and movie channels where the full HD would actually make a difference.

The weak spot of DirecTV is getting the satellite capacity to spot broadcast local stations - no way they can avoid compressing HD signals for the locals, which is a big issue since the network broadcasts on the locals are still what most viewers watch and DirecTV cannot offer an uncompressed network feed from NY or LA since the local stations & networks will not permit out of local market network feeds to be received.

My understanding is FIOS (which will have little compression) is a Verizon format rather than an AT&T format (my phone company in ATL) . Given the options of AT&T, Comcast, and DirecTV here, I will stick with DirecTV to get the Steelers every Sunday (hopefully more consistently in at least HD Lite if CBS will spring for some more HDTV broadcast capacity).
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