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Default Re: Pittsburgh > Cleveland

Originally Posted by jjpro11 View Post
being in pittsburgh for a couple days reminds me of how much cleveland sucks. the people are friendlier, it has a better atmosphere, it looks better, it even smells better, and the pens and steelers own the browns and cavs. i do happen to be an indians fan but pnc has a beautiful ballpark which i went to for the first time today in a 90 degree scorcher. station square was great and very clean. the only thing cleveland has on pittsburgh is that its easier to drive in. im sure with a little more everyday driving experience, it evens out a bit though. anyways theres my rant. go pittsburgh.
Well, I know what you are saying. But I don't mind parts of Cleveland. When my wife and I were dating, she lived in Detroit, I lived and Pittsburgh so some weekends we met in the middle, Cleveland. It is actually a fun town. (Especially wearing an Alan Faneca jersey out on the town!).

But i would take the Burgh any day of the week. Detroit sucks too....

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