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Default Re: Game Day Rituals & Habits

Originally Posted by Steelerstrength View Post
As I was posting about DirecTV, down below, I couldn't help but think of all the reasons I enjoy watching Steelers games, and my crazy antics & rituals/beliefs I have that may, somehow, effect the game. I know it may sound crazy to you academics, but these are things that I really enjoy when I watch the game. I played Linebacker in high school, and am a former World Champion Athlete & Strength Coach. Rituals are a part of the journey & experience that I enjoy the most, next to winning.

Watching a Steelers game is a necessity in my life! Just like eating & drinking, I require it to survive! I love to scream, cuss, jump out of my seat and point my finger at opposing teams when they get crushed, talk more shit when they show the other teams' coach, (I yell directly at them as though they could hear me) have to lean forward when we are on offense, have to sit back when we are on D, have to stand-up when we are in goal-line O or D, can only eat before or during half because I don't want food in my mouth when I'm yelling, have to have all flags-Terrible Towels-Banners-and Fat Head in the room on game day, and must be wearing my #69 Black Authentic. If you come to my house to watch a game you better be a Steelers fan! Hell, even my car is black!

Anyone else?

You pretty much just summed up a typical sunday in my house from sep to feb. My biggest thing is I can't drink a beer before the game starts unless it's a monday night game or I'm actually at the game or they lose. It has happened every time I drink a beer before kickoff. I know my wife thinks I'm retarded, but I have not drank a beer before a 1:00 or 4:00 game in about 3 years now.
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