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Default Re: When, oh when will it ever end???

Originally Posted by memphissteelergirl View Post
Well, y' is part 2 of the story.

Sunday morning before the first service at our church I thought I would extend the olive branch to the musician who was giving me a hard time about my being a Steelers fan last week. I went over to him and apologized for my anger the week before.

His response (slightly paraphrased): "Hey, I got no problem...I know your team's garbage. If your team had really earned those Super Bowls like the Cowboys did theirs."

All right, I try to be the bigger person and I get shot down ...oh, well. But I am not gonna let this get to me. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one. Like I said before, for the most part he's a good guy...just very much a Cowgirl fan...a rather bitter one it seems.
I live in Philly and my family wears Steelers stuff with pride. I got a lot of crap at school about the game being thrown. Though most of my friends agree that when the Seachickens complained that they went to far. I just say look at the calls they were fair the TD call could have gone either way and lets have the Seachickens D stop The Bus it just ain't going to happen ever. Also I would still where the stuff cowgirl fans have a complex I had to deal with one in elementary school when I lived in Pittsburgh when the whole school except him like the Steelers. He never said a word until the Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX. I have to say I cried after that game and when I went into school the next day the teacher told the cowgirls fan to not say anything because she knew ever guy in the class was a Steelers fan, this was second grade everyone.

Oh and would I take TJ whats his face..... NEVER I would never take and Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Raiders, or Patriots players if I ran the Steelers. I hate them and have no respect for a man that wipes his shoes on my Terrible Towel that in my book is a sin and I would like to meet him in the streets of Pittsburgh and ask him to repeat his actions and see what happens then.

Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it.
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