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Default Re: When, oh when will it ever end???

Originally Posted by rabidfrodo View Post
I live in Philly and my family wears Steelers stuff with pride. I got a lot of crap at school about the game being thrown. Though most of my friends agree that when the Seachickens complained that they went to far. I just say look at the calls they were fair the TD call could have gone either way and lets have the Seachickens D stop The Bus it just ain't going to happen ever. Also I would still where the stuff cowgirl fans have a complex I had to deal with one in elementary school when I lived in Pittsburgh when the whole school except him like the Steelers. He never said a word until the Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX. I have to say I cried after that game and when I went into school the next day the teacher told the cowgirls fan to not say anything because she knew ever guy in the class was a Steelers fan, this was second grade everyone.

Oh and would I take TJ whats his face..... NEVER I would never take and Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Raiders, or Patriots players if I ran the Steelers. I hate them and have no respect for a man that wipes his shoes on my Terrible Towel that in my book is a sin and I would like to meet him in the streets of Pittsburgh and ask him to repeat his actions and see what happens then.
Wear all of your Steelers Stuff with Pride Bro. Something that we all should do. I also proudly do that after every game.

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