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Default Re: Maddox dealing with off-the-field abuse..could spell the end!!

Originally Posted by steelrzgirl
quotes out of PPG? Im guessing their reporters are probably not taking that kind of risk.

And if that were true, why wouldnt Maddox come out to the press and make a statement?

I don't think the reporters would risk making up quotes, but they still could be relying on inaccurate information. The only part of the article that explicitly refers to trash being thrown on the yard is acutally not quoted. Everything else could easily refer to general harassment, and we can't know unless we see the questions that led to those quotations. Just seems a bit sketchy. And, as far as Tommy not wanting to make any more statements about this...why would he want to bring anymore attention to himself at this point? Like he said, he just wants it to stop.
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