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Default Re: Al Sharpton...Again!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Let me get this straight? It's white peoples fault that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are for all intents and purposes the most visible spokespeople for the black community? White people are at fault again?
No, the media's at fault. ":Spokesman for black people" is not an elected position, or even an official position. Jesse and Al are themost prominent "spokespeople" because the media gives them the most airtime, peiod. And the media isn't exactly a black-dominated institution, is it?

Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson are two of the most prominent Christian "spokespeople". Should Christians be blamed for that? Or does that standard only apply to black people?

As for the Presidential elections, Al ran in the primaries and conceded. He did, however, garner 32% of the vote when he ran in the NYC mayoral primaries and almost forced a runoff vote.[/quote]

David Duke did better than that when he ran for governor of Louisiana, and unlike Al Sharpton, Duke has held elective office. Are white people collectively responsible for that? Or does that standard still noly apply to black people?
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