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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
yep, about 9 hrs (although with the speed limits raised im sure its less now) i made the trip 4 times. the raton-trinidad-pueblo portion is really nice (especially if youre a desert rat).
Come to think of it - - when I made it in 9 hours, I got pulled over in a speed trap near Pueblo!!!! 95 in a 70 zone - - - Hey, I was much younger then, and thought I knew everything!!!!!! Dang cops take your license and you have to follow them to the nearest mailbox and they stand there and watch you write the check for the $$$$$ and when you drop it into the mailbox, they give you your license back.......

I have already had to deal with some nasty Bronco fans - - but I am tough - - I can handle!!!!!!
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