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Default Re: Some backs hunt jobs tonight

Originally Posted by Crushzilla View Post
FBs generally count against their own roster spot, which means one or two of them, as well, depending of how many TEs, WRs, RBs you want to keep.

So Kreider and maybe Kuhn or Davis

Then Willie, Davenport, and one or two other guys.

I really want to see what Russell can do, as well. He has potential considering he would have never gone undrafted if he had better study habits.

EDIT: Haynes and Barlow would have to be favorites.
I pretty much agree. The Steelers will keep one traditional FB, which naturally will be Krieder. This particularly makes sense to me if we are keeping the extra TE and moving towards more one back sets. Any backup FB will be a player like Kuhn, Davis or Haynes that can play either FB or RB. The last few years we were able to keep a backup FB on the practice squad (Kuhn), who we could sign the week following an injury to a starter. I believe there was a game last year where Heath moved to a h-back position because we had injuries at FB. Pretty sure Kuhn can't go back to the practice squad, so if any of the other young guys are eligible that would be to there advantage.
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