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Default Re: 2 critical keys for success vs bengals

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
these are really obvious but let me be more specific.

win the turnover battle.
every game this year the steelers D has created a turn over with the opposition near or in the redzone. they are 1-2 with games won in the final seconds. in each of the 2 games last year against the bengals the steelers scored a defensive td. getting a timely turnover will probably be critical.

no stupid or cheap penalties.
cowher would never ask his team to lose their intensity, fire, or on the edge play but polamalu has had 2 personall fouls in the last 2 games. there have been other uncharacteristic fouls. as bad as they have been doing getting the opposition off the field on 3rd down they dont need any defensive stands wiped out by a foul. or 1st down conversions wiped on offense.
3 personal foul penalties in the 1st half. = 45 yds and 6 pts. although the defense has been playing great in the red zone its time for that turnover to offset the penalties and 6 pts. given up.
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